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Hailing from the Greater St. Louis area, James Barone Racing has quickly found a spot on the map as a leader in aftermarket performance. Started in 2009, JBR aimed to fill a void in the Mazdaspeed world’s limited aftermarket. The angle taken by JBR was one much different than most manufacturers. Instead of building components from a common modification path, the goal was to fix certain shortcomings in platforms.


This blog is a collection of news updates, product information, and general information to help the consumer make educated decisions to obtain the best performance from their vehicle and stay up to date with the community.

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New Product Release!! JBR 2016+ Mazda Miata ND/RF Oil Cooler Kits!!


Are you tuned? Are you a track Junkie? Are you both? Keeping the oil in your 2.0L MX-5 engine as cool as possible is going reduce knock and prolong engine life. Preventing the oil from exceeding normal operating temperatures will extend the life of your oil by reducing temperatures that prematurely break it down and increase engine wear. In addition to keeping the oil temps under control, adding the JBR oil cooler will reduce the rise in coolant temperatures often seen when on track or during extreme temperature conditions. The lack of an oil cooler from the factory makes the JBR oil cooler an essential addition for those that push their MX-5 to the limit.

The JBR Oil Cooler Kit employs a 19 row core constructed out of aluminum corrugated-fins & internal tubular plates greatly increasing both thermal efficiency and mechanical strength, so you get the smallest, lightest and more importantly, the most efficient oil cooler package. 

Application specific -10AN fittings and large ID stainless braided lines are the key to minimizing the pressure drop and making for an easy installation. 

The polished billet aluminum sandwich plate incorporates an 1/8″ NPT port for additional gauges and sensors. 

An application specific mounting bracket and stainless steel hardware keep the core solidly mounted out front of the radiator maximizing its exposure to incoming airflow resulting in an oil temp reduction of over 54⁰F. 

Applications: - 2016 and Up ND/RF 


- Designed and Manufactured in the USA
- Direct bolt on application
- Corrugated-fin & tubular plate aluminum core
- Aluminum –AN10 fittings and Stainless lines
- +54⁰ drop in oil temps*


- 1 Oil cooler core
- 2 Stainless braided hoses
- 1 Sandwich plate & 2 1/8” NPT Plugs 
- 1 Application specific core mounting bracket
- Stainless steel mounting hardware
- 2 Aluminized fiber glass heat shield sleeves
- Installation instructions are available in our support section
- Shipping is free in the US & our Hassle Free Lifetime Warranty is included

*Ambient temperatures, track and road conditions, traffic and driving style can affect results.

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