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JBR 2016+ Miata MX-5 ND/RF Short Shifter


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JBR spared no expense or cut any corners designing and developing the short shifter for the 2016 & up ND/RF Miata that reduces the throw by 25%.

 We had the wave springs found in the upper and lower cup of the OEM shifter assembly tested and wave springs made to the same specifications. By doing this, the effort required to shift is nearly the exact same as the OEM. The springs also help to absorb and reduce the noise transferred through the shifter.


We machined the slots in the main ball to accept the plastic pivot guides found in the OEM shifter.

Utilizing the pivot guides out of the OEM shifter, matching the spring rates of the wave springs in the OEM cup and a few other subtle features, we’ve created a short shifter that operates as smooth, and is as quiet as the OEM.


-2016 & up ND/RF Miata


-303 stainless and 6061 aluminum construction
-25% throw reduction
-No increased noise and vibration


-1 ND/RF short shifter
-Installation hardware
-Installation grease
-Installation instructions are available in our support section
-Shipping is free in the US & our Hassle Free Lifetime Warranty is included

Additional information

Weight 2.25 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 2 in