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JBR 2013-2018 Focus ST Throttle Pedal Spacer





In order to enter a corner at high speed under hard braking and without upsetting the car, you must be able to perform a heel-toe maneuver while downshifting. The Focus ST & RS Pedal spacing as it comes from the factory makes it nearly impossible to do well corner after corner, lap after lap. JBR spends every summer on track racing and testing all of the cars we support; from that comes the JBR Focus ST and RS Throttle Pedal Spacer. We believe that thousands of laps have allowed us to develop a spacer with the perfect balance of height and spacing from the brake pedal.

When applying aggressive brake pressure the throttle pedal needs to be just about flush with the height of the brake pedal. Too low makes reaching and rev matching difficult like stock. Too high makes it very awkward not to mention ergonomically incorrect and uncomfortable to drive. Once installed the JBR Throttle Pedal Spacer puts the throttle pedal exactly where it needs to be to perform easy heel-toe maneuvers with no need to crawl back under the dash for further adjustment.

JBR designs and prototypes all our parts in house using the latest in CAD and 3D printing technologies, then tests to ensure the product you receive is of the highest quality, form, fit and function that you demand.

Final production is then followed with strict manufacturing and finishing processes. With quality and longevity in mind, 6061 aluminum and stainless hardware were used to make up the the key components of this kit ensuring that it will provide a lifetime of trouble-free enjoyment. All products receive the TRU-Performance stamp of approval before ever making their way to the consumer.

With a very straightforward design, installation of this kit is a breeze when following our online installation instructions found in the support section of our website. In 15 minutes or so, you’ll be well on your way to heel-toeing with snake bite precision.


– Designed and manufactured in the USA
– Simple to install in 15 minutes or less.
– Anodized for corrosion resistance



– 2013+ Ford Focus ST
– 2016+ Ford Focus RS


The kit includes:

– 1 Billet Throttle Pedal Spacer
– Stainless installation hardware
– Shipping is free in the US & our Hassle Free Lifetime Warranty is included.
– Installation instructions are available in our support section.

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 2 in