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New Product Release…JBR 51R MAZDASPEED 6 Battery Tray

We all know how tight the area around the battery is in the Mazdaspeed 6 and how it’s not at all accommodating when the time comes to upgrade to a larger intake system. The JBR 51R Small Battery Tray is a must have if you’re planning on making any kind of big power.


Designed to be small enough to make essential room for the larger intakes yet big enough to fit the power of a full sized battery without sacrificing much in the way of CCA’s! Now, you can gain unrestricted access to the Turbo, Turbo Inlet Pipe, Boost Control Solenoid or Waste Gate Actuator without having to remove your battery.


We know that a small battery tray is a necessary evil that costs money and makes no power. So, with that in mind, we took a simple approach to the problem. We used strong 14 gauge steal powder coated in a durable wrinkle black finish. We designed it to use 3 mounting points instead of 2 like the OEM tray and it includes stainless mounting hardware to secure it. All for $95.00 Shipped!


The JBR Mazdaspeed 6 51R Small Battery Tray Includes:

  • JBR 51R Small Battery Box*
  • All Necessary Mounting Hardware
  • Installation instructions are available in our support section
  • Shipping is free in the US & our Hassle Free Lifetime Warranty is also included


*51R Battery Not Included




The JBR 51R Small Battery Tray, and a JBR Wide Path Full Silicone Intake System, a combination Full of WIN!

The James Barone Racing MAZDASPEED 6 Small Battery Tray is available in our online catalog for only *$95.00 and that includes domestic shipping. For more information and to purchase, see our product page.

New Product Release…JBR 3.5″ Wide Path IAS Full Silicone Intakes Systems for MAZDASPEED 3/6

The JBR 3.5″ IAS OE Wide Path Full Intake System is the only solution for those seeking unrestricted flow to the stock OE, 2.25″ turbo inlet or the GT 4.0″  turbo inlet. The one piece design eliminates the need for unnecessary couplers and the joining of multiple sections that increases turbulence and friction which ultimately leads to reduced airflow. The thick, 5-ply, wire reinforced high temperature silicone is far superior at insulating the intake air from extreme engine temperatures. This translates in to lower boost air temperatures and more horsepower that no full aluminum intake can accomplish. The 3.5″ Wide Path OE IAS Intake is capable of flowing over 300 g/s on the stock KO4 turbo consistently at WOT with the proper tuning.




The JBR IAS MAF housing includes an OEM style Integrated Air Straightener. Our unique design has no volume or flow reducing impact like others using pressed in straighteners that create a lip and reduce the inside diameter of the housing. Honeycomb air straighteners, the beads rolls and sealant used to secure them, also greatly reduce the internal diameter of the MAF housing and significantly reduce the volume of air capable of passing through them. The seamless design of the JBR IAS MAF housing eliminates these performance robbing problems and provides you a smooth wide path of performance.



Every Wide Path IAS Intake includes a Dry-Flow air filter. JBR Dry Flow air filters flow 200% more air than the factory filter while providing superior engine protection. It uses both depth loading, capable of removing extremely fine particles (down to < 0.1 micron), and structural screen wire to enhance airflow capabilities. This design results in a performance air filter capable of increasing horsepower and torque! The three-dimensional synthetic filtering medium is washable and requires no oiling for years of trouble free service.


The Wide Path IAS Full Intake systems is designed to be run in recirc mode but includes a plug for easy conversion to non-recir mode.

Includes: Full 3.5″ OE Silicone Intake System with IAS MAF (3.380″ ID) Housing

  • Stainless T-Bolt Clamps
  • Plug to run in non-recirc mode
  • K&N Dry-Flow Filter (Washable No Oil)
  • Installation instructions are available in our support section
  • Shipping is free in the US & our Hassle Free Lifetime Warranty is included

Fitment: Simple bolt on application. Uses stock mounting location for OEM Turbo. May not use OEM mounting location with all GT Turbos. Fits with the OEM and all aftermarket top mount intercoolers. Fits with all front mount intercoolers that a conventional SRI will work with. Requires a small battery box.

Advanced Tuning Required

Tuning Services available from Stratified Automotive Controls

JBR OTS Maps by Stratified Automotive Controls

The James Barone Racing 3.5″ Wide Path IAS Intake System is available in our online catalog for only $295.00 and that includes domestic shipping. For more information and to purchase, see our product page.

I-MOTO Drivers insist on JBR knobs in all their race cars

While out at Mid-Ohio for the Diamond Cellar Classic, Continental Tire and Rolex series races this last weekend I spent some time talking to I-MOTO crew chief Tom Badger. While talking about the cars, and what they can and can’t modify on them, I noticed that they run the stock shifter assembly and shift knob. While the rules dictate the stock shifter assembly, cables and linkage must remain OEM, there was no rule requiring the knob to stay stock. Well, it just so happened that I had a few with me so, I offered one up for them to test during the final practice session on Friday. Once he felt it he was instantly intrigued and agreed to put it in a car but, he had to get approval from the drivers first. He then proceeded to forewarn me that the drivers are very finicky and picky about what the crew changes on the cars and that if they chose not to use it, that I shouldn’t be butt hurt. I totally understood and the offer was pitched to a few of the drivers who really liked the look and feel but, graciously declined. Then, driver of the #31 car Pierre Kleinubing got a hold of it, and agreed to try it during practice. Needless to say, I was pretty thrilled.

So, I helped one of the crew members get it installed and off Pierre went, on to the track for practice.



He was out on the track for several laps and then came in to change drivers, and so the crew could collect some data from the car. As soon as he climbed out, removed his helmet and safely gear he came right over to me with a huge smile on his face and big thumbs up for how much he like the improved performance of the shifter with the JBR heavy knob installed. He was air shifting like he was banging through the gears to demonstrate to me how much better it was. I was just ecstatic.

It wasn’t long after that Tom came by, leaned in and quietly asked me if I had two more and that the other drivers had to have one now too. We laughed and headed back to the paddock where we installed them in the 30 and 32 cars.

Tom and I discussed other areas of the car that JBR manufactures parts for and we hope that this is just the beginning of our relationship with I-MOTO Racing.