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New Product Release…Blinded by the White Silicone!!

We’ve had a ton of requests to add White Silicone to our catalog at an affordable price. Well here it is…A full line of White Silicone is now available for your MAZDASPEED 3 and 6!! Intakes, Boost Tubes, Turbo Inlet Pipes, Bypass Hoses all IN STOCK!!



Our custom silicone is reinforced with 4 or 5 ply polyester braiding as well as wire where necessary. Silicone hoses eliminate the turbulence caused by the factory hoses delivering smooth, oxygen rich air directly in to your turbo and thru your inter-cooler. Our silicone products include wide stainless T-bolt clamps to ensure a leak free seal.



Silicone is superior at insulating the air passing thru it from extreme engine temperatures. This translates in to lower intake temperatures, lower boost air temperatures therefore, it makes more horsepower. Large Intakes and Turbo Inlet Pipes constructed out of aluminum absorb hot engine bay heat, transfer that heat to the air passing thru them and rob you of horsepower. That heat  is retained in the aluminum and it’s very slow to dissipate causing significant heat soaking issues.



We’ve even added the proper cold side silicone connection for the earlier model MAZDASPEED 6!



All the products shown above are available in our online catalog. For more information and to purchase, visit our website.

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