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New Product Release – 2014 MAZDA 3/6 & CX-5 Spherical and Cylindrical Shift Knobs!

2014 MAZDA 3/6 & CX-5  Spherical and Cylindrical Shift Knobs are here!


The JBR Cylindrical Shift Knob weighs in at a blistering 625 grams and the Spherical at a whopping 680! These heavy shift knobs not only look sick in the cabin but they also perform. A heavy shift knob allows for buttery smooth shifts by putting the weight at the end of the shift lever. This gives you greater mechanical advantage and lets the stick glide into gear. Powder coated in Wrinkle Black Red, Blue and the super sexy Silver Vein for superior grip.

SRed-Red-6RUL_01 Silver-Red-6RUL_01 SBlue-Sil-6RUL_01 SBlack-Sil-6RUL_01 ERed-Red-6RUL_01 ELimited-Red-RUL_01 EBlue-Sil-6RUL_01 EBlack-Silver-6RUL_01

Starting at $75.00 shipped this is a must for any enthusiast.

All the products shown above are available in our online catalog. For more information and to purchase, visit our website.

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