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JBR’s Free Shipping is a Scam! Or is it?

Recently, I’ve received a lot of questions about our free domestic shipping. Most asking if it’s actually free or just marketing BS and deception? I’ve also read a post or two on the subject and I was direct to an actual shipping disclaimer that said  “Free Shipping” is a trick. Period. Anywhere that offers you “free shipping” on your order is crazy and losing money, or builds the cost of shipping into the cost of the part. You are always paying for it somewhere whether they tell you or not.

So, I felt compelled to address and dispel the myth that the free domestic shipping offered by JBR is in fact NOT a trick or a scam. Period. I will disclose a few of the ways we’re able to accomplish it and why it it’s so important  that you take a closer look at shipping costs and the total you pay for the parts you buy with your hard earned money.

How do they do it?

  1. Here at JBR we have created an order fulfillment process that is very, very efficient. The time it takes once we begin to process an order, to the time it’s ready for pickup by the shipper is usually less than 10 minutes. We do this by having our products well inventoried, stocked on open shelving and pre-wrapped or pre-packaged. We also have a shipping department that was carefully designed around our business and setup up in such a way that the final packaging process is very streamlined saving our employees time and our company money.
  2. We don’t use fancy boxes or tape with our name and logo on them. If we felt it would make the parts perform better or the car handle better we’d do it. It doesn’t so we don’t.
  3. We have scoured the country for the lowest cost on the proper, quality packaging materials that we need to ship our products which save us money.
  4. Many of the supporting components that accompany the parts manufactured by JBR come to us in boxes full of packing pillows, peanuts, and craft paper. So, instead of sending all of that to the landfill, we keep and reuse it to ship our products. Even the clean cardboard boxes are also cut up and used to insulate and protect the heavier parts from damaging each other while in transit so, the parts you buy arrive to you safely and undamaged. About 40% of the packaging material used by us is recycled which saves us money and our planets resources

So when you combine an efficient order processing system, good inventory management, and cost controlled  materials used to package our products it allows us to offer truly free shipping.

Still don’t believe me? Let’s do some cost comparison analysis.

  • A set of shifter bushings from one of our competitors will cost you anywhere from $24.99 to $39.00 + 6.70 shipping. Shifter bushings from JBR, $25.00 shipped. You save at least $6.70 shopping with JBR
  • A rear motor mount from one of our competitors will cost you anywhere from $119.99 to $135.00 + 16.70 for shipping. A rear motor mount of the same durometer from JBR, $125.00 shipped. You save at least $16.70 shopping with JBR.
  • An SRI and turbo inlet pipe, often referred to as a stage 2 intake system from one of our competitors will cost you anywhere from 249.99 to $354.00 + 21.66 for shipping. A similar stage 2 intake system from JBR, with no up charge for any color options, will cost you $250 shipped. You save at least $21.65 shopping with JBR.

Just these 3 products alone would leave a minimum of$45.05 in your pocket if purchased from JBR. It really adds up and when the budget is tight, don’t waste money on shipping.

We also don’t try and pass along any hidden costs either. Such as the 2-3% that PayPal  and Credit Card companies charge us to process transactions. There are no additional charges when signatures or insurance is required. There are no special handling charges either. Nada, zilch, zip. It’s FREE. When we say we pay the shipping, We mean it!

I have also read that the product quality must be inferior from those that offer free shipping in order to cover the cost of shipping. Well, you already know that’s not true when it comes to parts from JBR. We would’ve been run off long ago if that was the case.

Now, many of you have watched JBR rise up from selling short shift plate kits and AP mounts to one of the leading manufacturers Mazda aftermarket parts. We started out offering free shipping and were continuing to do it today.  All while being priced the same or less than our competition. So I ask you, does it look like we’re losing money by offering high quality parts coupled with bar setting customer service and FREE SHIPPING?

The holidays are coming and you want your money to go as far as it can. Shop and compare, then please consider buying from JBR. And beware, just because they say it’s “On Sale” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s less or that you’re saving any money when you add on the cost of shipping.

Thanks for your support.


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