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New Product Release!! Focus ST Oil Pan Baffle Kits!!

The JBR Oil Pan Baffle kit is an essential upgrade if you do any form of racing. Under heavy braking, hard acceleration, extreme cornering or long sweeping corners the engine oil moves up the sides of the oil pan causing oil starvation!

Our Oil Pan Baffle kit is easy to install, it keeps the oil close the oil pump pick-up tube greatly reducing any chance of oil starvation.

The JBR Oil Pan Baffle Kit was CAD designed and laser cut from 6061 aluminum for a perfect form-fit to the the oil pan. There are no mechanical fasteners used during assembly. All components are TIG welded to ensure nothing ever comes loose or apart.

– Designed and Manufactured in the USA
– Precision TIG welded
– CAD designed for a perfect fit

– 1 Oil Pan Baffle Kit
– Installation instructions are available in our support section
– Shipping is free in the US & our Hassle Free Lifetime Warranty is include

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