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New Product Release…JBR Ford Focus ST Heavy Shift Knobs

Weighing in at an incredible 538 grams as compared to the stock 156 grams. The JBR Ford Focus ST Cylindrical Series™ Heavy Shift Knob allows for smooth shifts by putting the weight at the end of the shift lever. This gives you greater mechanical advantage and lets the stick glide into gear. Reverse lock out functionality is maintained and they come powder coated in a wrinkle finish for superior grip. Available in Black, Blue or Red to compliment the interior of any Focus ST. This is a must for every ST owner.







Add more character, style and Grip to your JBR Cylindrical Series™ Shift Knob with a set of Kritz Rings.


The James Barone Racing Ford Focus ST Heavy Shift Knob is available in our online catalog for only $75.00 and that includes domestic shipping. For more information and to purchase one for yourself or friend, see our product list page page.

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